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Veselin Stoilov

"Chance favors the prepared mind!"

Personal facts

My name is Veselin Stoilov. I was born on January 12th, 1981 and spent my childhood in the beautiful city of Burgas, Bulgaria, situated on the western shore of the Black Sea.

After graduating from the School of Economics, I moved to Varna City and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology from the University of Economics.

I am happily married and a blessed father of three lovely daughters.


I've been involved in the web development business for many years. Developing web tools and creating business sites is my core specialty. In just a few years, my team and I managed to transform a small freelance venture into a sustainable company with offices on two continents and 50 000+ clients spread all over the world. And this is only because I love what we do!

Over time, I have started managing more and contributing (write code) less and less. I am eager to teach newbies what I used to do myself. Of course, there is a lot to learn from their fresh experience, too. Being surrounded by so many self-driven geeks and inventive digital marketers not only gives me the luxury of having great pros (and friends) at my side, but also inspires me for even bigger ideas.

I am an entrepreneur by nature - I am keen on starting new businesses, meeting new people, and discovering new horizons. That’s why I am always open to establishing trailblazing and mutually beneficial business partnerships. So, if you are also passionate about web technologies and craving for new challenges, just drop me a line. I will be excited to learn what’s running through your head and maybe together we can turn your bright ideas into reality!

The Start

During my university studies, I decided to devote myself entirely to freelance work and I started developing various web applications. My experience as a freelance developer showed me that it is much wiser to make software that can be used by multiple people rather than different software for each particular client. This is why, in 2006, I created 15 years later, in April 2021, the brand was acquired by an Estonian based IT company.

The Company

StivaSoft Ltd

Having accumulated a solid portfolio of customers and completed projects as a freelancer, 2009 was the time to set up a company that would give a face to the business. My friends Alexander Valkanov, Kostadin Todorov, and my brother Ivan followed me in this venture and we called the new company - StivaSoft. In the next years we opened offices in Varna, Bulgaria and in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The Future

VEVS Software Platform was created in an effort to help small and medium-sized businesses to launch their commercial websites quickly and affordably. With more than 1000 clients already, I am eager to transform VEVS into the next big thing for us! So if you have the experience, enthusiasm, connections, and desire to join us in that journey let's get in touch!

The Projects


I have been involved in many mid to big-size web development projects for all kinds of industries and businesses from more than 175 countries around the world. I am happy to say that we have unfolded long-term and successful relations with our clients, helping their operations and online businesses. It has also been an honor for us to complete a number of important projects for the Municipality of Burgas to help the local community.

In the media


Keep Clients Coming Back For More

Keep Clients Coming Back For More

Tuesday, 9th August

A lot of marketers explain how to make your clients return and make more purchases from your business. They tell you about follow-up emails, special promotions for existing customers, retargeting using social media, etc. However, these are advice from people who sell things, and your job is a bit different. Selling is just part of the business. Yes, an important part, but still - if you haven't done your homework, your sales skills will not bring you any money! ... Read More

VEVS: The Clever Way To Create Your Business Website

VEVS: The Clever Way To Create Your Business Website

Wednesday, 23rd December

Two weeks ago we have launched - a next-generation business website solution allowing customers to start their online business overnight without spending a fortune. What makes VEVS different from other popular website builders is the built-in business software, the free pre- and post-launch support and the possibility to request custom modifications.... Read More


If you write to me, I’ll write back! Ask me questions! Give me ideas! Share concerns or just say hello! Whatever is on your mind, I want to hear it!

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