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Friday, 31st October

I am excited to share with you what I and my team have been working on for the last couple of months. It’s something that I’ve been considering doing for a long time and I think that it’s finally the right moment to do it. I can describe it in just two words: Website Builder. Yes, we are working on a website builder. I know you will ask yourself “what’s so special about it, considering all the competition out there”. That’s the same question my team asked me when I first told them about it. Those of you, who follow my company, know what our business model is - we create business specific software which individuals and companies use on their websites. For the last couple of years we’ve managed to make a collection of over 40 software products which cover huge range of businesses - hotels, car rental companies, restaurants, etc.. People use our software as add-ons for their existing websites and the software has been installed on hundreds of thousands of websites by all kind of businesses. My personal opinion is that most of these websites have room for improvement - should be better looking, responsive, feature rich, etc.. Looking at all these websites I started to think that we can further help our clients build their online presence by offering something more than just business software.

So is the newest project StivaSoft is taking over.

Over the last 15 years, businesses have made big changes in the way they operate. The Internet has created a marketplace with almost unlimited opportunity, opportunity that is within reach for both small business and large business alike. While the transformation of the world marketplace has been significant, a large majority of businesses still have not figured out how to fully utilize and integrate their operation with the online world. Most often, this is because business owners find dealing with website design, Ecommerce and software solutions complicated, confusing and time consuming. is planned to offer easy to use, flexible and effective software that will help business owners that are technologically challenged, and expert web designers that are looking for a tool to increase the functionality of the sites they build.

I recently found an article at stating the 65 Questions Venture Capitalists Will Ask Startups. All the questions seemed very reasonable and I decided to answer a few of them to give myself a better perspective of this new project.

What does the company do?
StivaSoft, the company behind the brand, is a web development company with over 10 years of experience. I started this business myself as a small freelance operation and managed to grow it at a very rapid pace over the last few years. StivaSoft is the developer of the PHPjabbers platform, a proven web software provider, and we have a wide range of software solutions.

The PHPjabbers software solutions are mostly intended for web designers and people who have programming skills, or want to learn how to code. With PHPjabbers they can explore code, use it as a starting point to create different software solutions, as well as customize and integrate the tools into another piece of software. A lot of web designers use our products to add value to their web design services and add functionality to websites.

I know we have some of the best tools on the market, and as an entrepreneur myself, my goal is to help small business owners and startups build their path into the online business world.

I felt we were not using the full potential of our products because we did not let people who are mostly engaged with business, not coding, use our software tools too. That's how the idea of Vevs was born. will serve all those business owners who do not have any programming skills but are smart enough to know the potential of having a really good, functional website. Vevs will be the brand name for the new software products and I am confident it will blow away the web industry.

We will combine our knowledge and industry specific software solutions into one super easy, Do-It-Yourself website builder, which can be used for a wide range websites with an industry specific focus.

What is unique about Vevs?
The unique is our experience. We know what makes a website a good investment. We have proven experience in creating web based software for all types of businesses. We are entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges that most businesses face and want to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

We know how to build business software and websites that add value to a business. We have experience in creating business oriented web applications, which drives sales, increase conversion rates and automate workflow. All of that results in a more efficient and ultimately more profitable business. Our experience spans multiple industries, everything from travel and beauty to automotive and marketing.

What big problem does it solve?
It will be a Do-It-Yourself website builder, equipped with a number of tools to help you create strong, robust functionality without the need for coding skills. Having a well-designed website equipped with tools such as a hotel booking engine, restaurant table booking software, etc. often requires hiring a web developer. Not anymore.

Most of the existing products on the market offer decent templates, but they stop short of adding real functionality to a website. It's almost impossible to create additional functionality once a site is already built, without vital functions operating properly, it can cost you a fortune.

Can you create a website integrated with an online food ordering engine with builder? You can create the website, but to add the engine you will need to hire a web developer, and it will cost you a fortune. Vevs is the system that combines the design and the functionality into one easy and affordable service.

Building a website, with the Vevs website builder, will allow you to customise the website design, create the design elements and add proven software. It can then be customised in a number of ways allowing you to manage a client database, availability, promotions and much more. Keep in mind, no programming skills, no need to hire programmer!

You can create not only beautiful to look at sites, but also you can add functionality yourself to drive more sales, automate processes and increase your profit.

How big is the market opportunity?
Web technologies and trends are constantly changing. To stay competitive you need to keep abreast of the changes. Having a presence on the web is a must. But today, it is not enough to have a website that just presents your company and services. You need to explore the online marketing channel and use its full potential to serve customers.

Considering the constant change in web technologies, even if your website is a brand-new, it will be outdated in the next 3-4 years. That's why now only 10-20% of small companies conform with the latest trends on the web.

Considering that there is no other product on the market which will allow you to equip your website with a modern design and business software tools to run your business. We expect that many small businesses and startups are going to embrace this approach rather than paying for expensive web programmers.

In short, we expect that our product will meet the need for a high quality website management system focused on functionality, not only the design, and this is almost 30-40% of the market. We will help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business online and take advantage of almost unlimited possibilities.

Where are you headquartered?
Our home office is based in Burgas, Bulgaria. We also have offices in HCMC, Vietnam, which gives us easy access to a wide range of professional developers.

How big can the company get?
I believe it has big potential, having not only a nice looking but functional website is important for a business. More and more businesses depend on online-based software to make it easier to run their business. Our target customer is small business all around the world so the market is huge.

We will start with small team of 4-5 people. Increasing staff will depend on the growth of the business. Our analysis shows that for each 10, 000 new customers, we will need between 8 and 10 people for support staff, managers and developers. my next blog post answering questions about market and the team behind the project.

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