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VEVS: The Clever Way To Create Your Business Website

Wednesday, 23rd December

Two weeks ago we have launched - a next-generation business website solution allowing customers to start their online business overnight without spending a fortune. What makes VEVS different from other popular website builders is the built-in business-specific software, the free pre- and post-launch support and the possibility to request custom modifications. As soon as you upload all relevant contents and adjust your website settings using the advanced content management system, you can start serving clients, answering queries, taking orders, handling bookings, receiving online payments etc.

We’ve started with four business solutions - Car Dealer Websites, Car Rental Websites, Vacation Rental Websites and Job Portal Websites. Another four will be officially released on in January 2016: Yacht & Boat Website, Real Estate Website, Travel Agency Website, Holiday Property Website. We will keep enriching our product range based on customer demands and market trends. So stay up to date and be active!

All VEVS websites come with a modern, mobile-friendly design available in different color schemes. Our clients can either choose some of our custom designs, or request a tailor-made solution. Furthermore, they are technically optimized for search engines and allow users to do some basic SEO even with scarce background knowledge. Which is a big plus, since, as you know, Google rankings are vital for every website.

What I personally find to be the coolest is the smart on-site editor enabled from the content management system which makes you a real “master of arts” - you can quickly and easily change / edit texts and images straight on your website. This makes VEVS website owners more independent and flexible. If necessary, we can also integrate other extras and add-ons into each website type. The list is long, the opportunities - endless. So jump aboard VEVS and get your FREE one-week trial!