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My Experience with PeoplePerHour

Friday, 18th December

Recently I had an unusual and rather disappointing experience with one of the biggest freelance work websites - (PPH). For those of you who do not know what PPH is all about, this is a web platform where freelancers create their own profiles so that other people can hire them to do various small jobs. Usually, the price range is $10 to $200.

I use such websites every once in a while to “outsource” some of the mundane and time-consuming tasks such as data collection, various researchers, text proofreading, translations etc. And more often than not I am happy with the final results. I used to cooperate with a guy called Daniel who was doing a really great work when it comes to proofreading. The last project he took over was writing an article on a specific topic. I sent him all necessary details and instructions and he promised to deliver it within a couple of weeks. Surprisingly, he asked to get paid 50% in advance, which is not how these websites usually work. When you start a project you deposit the agreed amount via a Еscrow service and as soon as the job is completed PeoplePerHour releases the funds to the service provider. This protects both the service buyer and the seller. But since I’ve been working with Daniel for a long time (over 2 years), I did not mind paying him half of the agreed amount beforehand. And this turned out to be a mistake. In the next weeks, I tried to contact him multiple times but never received a reply. He just disappeared. The world is full of swindlers, so I was neither surprised, nor angry about that. He is a freelancer, not a subcontractor, hence I was not expecting any loyalty from him.

The real problem, however, was the way PeoplePerHour support team handled the situation. I started a PayPal dispute to request a refund of the money paid in advance. The reply I got from PPH was quite shocking - they said that both Daniel and I violated their terms and conditions by releasing the funds from the Escrow service before the job was completed. I agree with that statement and admit the mistake I have made. Still, what the guys from PPH asked me to do was to close the PayPal dispute, otherwise, my account with them would be terminated within 24 hours. They did not suggest to contact Daniel, to provide me with his contact details, nor did they offer me to wait a few more days for him to reply. No, they just said: because of the dispute we will close your account. And I told them to do so... To my surprise, they did not contact me back anymore but closed my account instead. What stunned me, even more, was that Daniel’s account is still active and operating. So, in the aftermath, the person who took the money and disappeared can still do this again and the one who is cheated is banned from the website.

Although I was happy using PPH service for such a long time and recommended them many times to friends and colleagues, I think the way they handled this situation was not customer oriented at all. I know it’s very difficult and rather impossible to make every client happy. I am also aware that you cannot always do what clients ask you to. But at least you should try, especially when trying does not involve any extra costs but just a bit of common sense.

In conclusion, I would still recommend (for SEO purposes I will even make this a direct link to their website), as the service they offer is generally good. I just advise you to be more careful and make sure you do not have to resort to their support team.

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