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Keep Clients Coming Back For More

Tuesday, 9th August

A lot of marketers explain how to make your clients return and make more purchases from your business. They tell you about follow-up emails, special promotions for existing customers, retargeting using social media, etc. However, these are advice from people who sell things, and your job is a bit different. Selling is just part of the business. Yes, an important part, but still - if you haven't done your homework, your sales skills will not bring you any money!

Based on my experience, I will summarize the things my team and I do to make our customers return. Note that over 60% of our clients make extra orders!

Quality products

First, you need to offer a product that is worth it - one that is valuable to your customers, and that will help them run their business and complete their daily tasks more efficiently, or solve a problem they have faced.

You should be aware that nowadays everyone with good coding skills can be your competitor and create a software product that is better than yours. This is why it's your first priority to make sure your products are efficient, reliable and easy-to-use. Take critic and use it to improve your products and services. We have many niche business products and although we do a lot of researches before launching a product we realize we have to make some fine-tunings before a product fully meets our clients' requirements. We receive many suggestions - some are for very specific features, others are for features that can be used by most of our customers. Based on the feature request and how many people ask for it, we add it to our default products. This is how we added the multi-language support to our products, the Install Wizard, the responsive layouts, color themes, and all other popular features. In the end, it's your clients who use your products, hence they know best what products should be and work like.

Customer support

But good product is not enough. You need a great support, too!

What makes a "great support" actually? Customer agents have to know your company products and services well enough to assist clients if something is not clear, not working or not performing as expected. They need to be tech-savvy, but still able to explain things and navigate customers patiently and above all - with simple, understandable words. It's easy to imagine how hard it can be for tech support specialists to handle the tons of requests flooding their mailboxes and ticket support queues. So, ironically, one should be cool-headed and warm-hearted at the same time. As much as clients can get on their nerves, customer agents have to act friendly and try to help customers as quickly and politely as possible.

Out of office

We are people, too. Sometimes we need a break - to spend a weekend together or have an office beer party. Besides, there are many national (bank) holidays in Bulgaria when we are not working, but as we have clients from all over the world, we have to provide support somehow. During these days we work on shifts, and I am personally involved, too, in taking care of customer requests. We inform our clients well in advance about working time changes and day-offs like we did recently before the Easter Holidays.

Sales and marketing

You want your customers to return and make purchases? Then get them know they matter to you! Send follow-up emails - just ask them if they have any problems using your product, offer them a new version upgrade, suggest other products that you think might be useful for them or give them a special discount. There are so many different emails that you can send them just to remind them about your company. Just make sure you are not too pushy because people will unsubscribe from your mailing list. We use Mailchimp and send a regular monthly newsletter to over 50 000 subscribers. A few times a year we also send special offers via email. (You can subscribe to our newsletter here.)

Social media is another way to connect with your clients. Invite them to your social media outlets so that they can keep track of your business in real time. Use social media to post curious facts, images, and videos related to your activities that cannot be found anywhere else. Announce special promos, share product news and updates, show office photos, etc. It's quick, and it's free and easy to access.

If you do all of the above, ALL, not just a part, there is a high chance that your clients will come back for more!