Copyright © 2019 - Interview with Veselin Stoilov, CEO of StivaSoft

Friday, 7th September

I have been interviewed by DoesWhat. Big thank to them for the interview! This interview is the hundred and twelfth in a series of DW interviews. The interview mostly cover the Brolmo service, but it also reveales some future projects and initiatives StivaSoft has been plannig.

Interviewer: How would you describe Brolmo in under 50 words?

Veselin Stoilov: Brolmo is an online software solution that provides users with a way to embed and manage web applications on their websites and improve website interactivity. Brolmo-remotely hosted applications can be used by web developers and designers when building a website and by users with no programming experience or knowledge.

Interviewer: Describe yourself in one sentence.

Veselin Stoilov: Entrepreneur, who will never stop looking for new opportunities.

Interviewer: Tell us about Brolmo’s web applications. Which one is the most popular?

Veselin Stoilov: There are 4 different web applications that we have at – Event Calendar, Poll, Availability Calendar and GuestBook. Event Calendar application was the first one we did a long time ago and it’s the most popular one at the moment. GuestBook is our latest web application and has quickly gotten more and more subscribers. We aim to build easy to use web applications which everyone can use and that’s the main reason why our apps quickly become popular. In the next few weeks we will add a Contact Form Builder!

Interviewer: You’re CEO of StivaSoft, a web design and web development company, that built Brolmo. What’s your background? What led you to startup StivaSoft 7 years ago?
Veselin Stoilov: In 2002, I earned a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from the University of Economics, Varna. I then decided to devote myself completely to freelance work. I developed a number of web applications and programs which resulted in my own company, now operating worldwide.
Leveraging my experience as a web programmer, I teamed up with two graduate school buddies — Sasho Valkanov and Kosta Todorov — to launch a small website called Our initial offering consisted of a few “off-the-shelf” web applications. Through intense efforts, PHPJabbers was thus transformed into a huge resource for webmasters, and StivaSoft Ltd was established in 2009. Since then, our team has grown from the three friends to over 20 professionals in three offices on two continents. As of today, we have over 18,000 clients around the world.

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